Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Slumps

Throughout the church world summer is usually viewed as the season that everything slumps - attendance slumps, volunteers showing up slumps, serving slumps, etc. At The Journey, we have tended to buck most trends that define churches. Most churches don't have many, if any, twenty-somethings that attend -- the majority of our people are in that category. Most churches have a hard time getting volunteers -- most people who attend serve at some capacity. Most churches are plateaued or declining -- we are growing and baptizing new converts regularly.

I want to put the challenge out for us as a church to buck the trend of the summer slump like we have bucked other church trends. God does not take the summer off from trying reach His lost children, neither should we. My challenge for us is to not only beat the summer slump, but to see this summer as a chance to further ignite the movement that Jesus has erupted among us. Let this summer be one that is unforgettable! Make a commitment to serve, be in group, attend one of the services, and invite others who God has burdened your heart to reach out to. God does not take summers off, we won't either.

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