Friday, May 16, 2008

Invest and Invite

How many times have you invited friends and family to church only to be disappointed that they never came? This happens a lot when we take that step of inviting people to attend church, but why? I believe we have to become great inviters, not great informers. We very rarely invite people to church, we informed them. If you tell someone what time the services are, where we meet, or what it is like - you are simply informing them. Sure, you tell them we would love to have them, but what is going to compel them to come? A true invitation comes in the form of some type of meeting up together. Ask the person you are inviting to join you for breakfast or coffee before going to the service. Plan a lunch between families for after the service. You have to go beyond simply giving information and make yourself available to the person you are inviting. It is less risky to the person you're inviting when they can walk in with you or know that you are going to be there.

Take the time to invest your life in relationships with people and then invite them to church with you, not inform them about it. See how this changes your ability to get your friends and family to church.

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