Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Intersecting Circles: Gifts and Time

I want to finish up the post that I started last week entitled: Intersecting Circles. The purpose behind the post was to explore how we can live in the "sweet-spot" of life. The four circles are: our passions, our calling, our gifting, and our time. Gifting and time are the two things I want to cover right now.

Our gifting is: the skills, talents, and strengths that we possess. These are often given to us at birth and some are given when we give our lives to Christ and receive His Spirit. Often the key to discovering these gifts is through involvement. That leads to the last topic: time. It doesn't bring fulfillment and joy to know your gifting, know your calling, and know your passions, but not put the time in deploying all of them. If what gets our juices pumping (passion) is directly linked to God's plan for our life (calling), and our skill-sets support both (gifting), and we are willing to submit our will to living it out (time)-- we are in the sweet-spot in life and positioned to do incredible things.

How many of the intersecting circles are you living in?

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