Thursday, May 8, 2008

Intersecting Circles: Passion

When you think about serving God and trying to help accomplish His mission on Earth, does anything get you excited? Is there anything that gets you pumped up and ready to roll up your sleeves? For some this could be serving the poor, for others it could be building a home, it could be taking a complicated Biblical truth and simplifying for a child to understand, or it may just be encouraging people in God's army who are serving. We can discover our passions when we tap into the things that we would do everyday, all day, if money was not an object. In other words, if you didn't need a job or any money and you could do ___________ all day long, what would that __________ be?

Another way to discover this is from the opposite approach. Is there anything that is your "holy discontent"? Is there anything that you see happening or don't see happening that makes you mad - in a righteous anger? For me, seeing churches that were irrelevant to the lost and unconcerned with reaching them made me yearn for a church that could possibly change that - hence The Journey.

It is important to discover your passions, they are God-given. God gives us these passions because He knows it will drive our efforts to advance His Kingdom on Earth. In order to live in the "sweet-spot" of life, you must discover yours.

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