Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Scriptures That Speak to Me - Part 3

I continue today with the posts on passages of Scripture that speak to me and have spoken deeply to me throughout my life. I figured since God is doing such an amazing work right now in leading people to Himself in a powerful way, the Scriptures today would reflect that. Btw, yesterday I had the privilege of helping lead another lady to faith in Christ on the patio of Panera Bread in Mt Juliet. She has been attending the Journey for several months and decided it was time to relinquish control of her life and embrace the relationship with God she was created for. I'm so excited for her and the days ahead of her as she walks with Jesus.

Jeremiah 20:9 - (click to read brief passage)
This passage is a life verse for me. I believe I have truly began to let the fire out recently in my life. For many years I think I preached messages that I thought people would like, now I focus on preaching messages that God has consumed me with -- big difference. I can longer hold in the fire that God has blazing inside, indeed I will not.

Matthew 11:12 - (click to read brief passage)
This passage fires me up! The kingdom of heaven is forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it. God's kingdom and reign is breaking on to Earth and there is a tribe of people who see it as their role for advancing it forward. I feel that is my calling. I also feel that bringing others into the kingdom advancing calling is my role. What we are experiencing at The Journey right now is nothing other than the kingdom of heaven forcefully advancing! Let us all be forceful men and women who lay hold of it.

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