Friday, May 2, 2008

Great Night @ Rutland Elementary Talent Show

Tonight The Journey was in full gear by serving the Rutland Elementary talent show. We helped them collect money at the front door, worked the concession stand, operated the tech booth, transitioned the stage after each performance, handed out programs, cleaned the building afterwards, put up the chairs, and Robbie even sang his hit song "County Fair" from LoneStar, even though we tried to get him to sing "Amazed" :-)

We had a chance to show this school and all the parents there that we are there to serve them and are going to be there this fall to launch a church for that community. Afterwards, the Assistant Principal and Music teacher (organizer of program) could not stop thanking us and telling us how special we made it. That is what it is all about -- God is going to open incredible doors of opportunity for us at that place.

When we finished at the show we all went out to eat Mexican food (my absolute favorite)and enjoyed basking in the successful night. We have got such a cool group of people who call the Journey their church. I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

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