Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3 Things God is asking of Me

Things are incredible in my life right now. I love my God, I love my family, and I love my church. I feel that I am operating in the sweet-spot of life right now more than any other time in my life. God is blessing both my family and The Journey. We are seeing much fruit being produced in people's lives and our church. Even in the midst of all these things, God is still challenging me and stretching me to grow further. Right now, God is asking three things for me to focus more of my time and energy around.

#1 - The ministry to my family, particularly Katrina. Being married to a pastor is not easy. Everyone wants my time and often Katrina has to let others have me when she would rather have me for herself. Something God has impressed upon me is preparing her for what He has in store for us in the future. I believe God is going to bless the Journey beyond belief. The days ahead of us involve large numbers of people that we will be ministering to. I believe our influence will be beyond the walls of our region and will extend to the others leaders and pastors of churches throughout the country. This is not just something that could happen, God has impressed upon me that it will happen -- it is my job to be prepared and prepare my family. That is why I believe God is asking me to prepare my wife for all that He will use her for in the days ahead.

#2 - Spending more time in prayer, study, and reflection. As a pastor I am constantly on the go and meeting with people. God has started laying on my heart the need to spend even more time in the Scriptures, prayer and reflection on the vision He has for this church. It is not that I don't do this now, but God has made it clear that a new level of influence and impact will require a new level of hearing from Him and preparation to lead what He is going to bring.

#3 - Training of leaders and delegation of duties. This is something God is really hitting me with. I can't possibly minister to each person one-on-one in the church, especially as God brings more and more people. However, God has brought leaders and other passionate, gifted followers of Jesus to help carry the load. Something I feel led to do is to begin training and building into leaders of the church so that a considerable number of people can do things I currently do. This actually excites me, because I know that those who will be a part of this are going to experience tremendous joy in being used by God to serve and help others.

These are the things God is currently asking of me. What is God asking you right now? How is God stretching you to become everything you were created to be to reach your full potential? Are you answering Him? This is a growing and stretching season for the Journey and for myself. Join me in letting God do a work in us all.

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