Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meetings Galore

Yesterday was a busy day, as I was in meetings from morning till night. I met with the Catalyst Team from The Journey to discuss future teaching series and our move to two services this week. That meeting was in Lebanon, so I got the 'fro' cut while I was there. I then headed to Franklin to link up with a mentor, and friend of mine, to discuss church, leadership, and life -- very good stuff, very refreshing. After my meeting in Franklin, I left for Mt Juliet for my third and final meeting. That meeting was with two editors/writers from The Journey to discuss the book God has given me to write. God has given me a story to tell about how to navigate through what I call "the fires of life". By telling the story of my son Kaleb, the story of Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego found in Daniel 3 of the Scriptures, and the lessons we learned as a result of being in the "fire" ourselves, I feel there is a pretty compelling story to be told that can help a lot of people. The cool thing is that they agreed with that and we are going to begin work together to get the book written and to a publisher. I'm really excited about it; I've known for a while God was going to have me write this book, now's the time.

Today I am going to rest and spend time with Katrina and Kaleb.

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