Monday, May 12, 2008

Just a Glimpse

I am still riding on "cloud 9" since yesterday's amazing Sunday service. I am still blown away at the amazing Spirit that was filling the building yesterday. I felt like I was in a twilight zone and time was standing still. I have been reflecting about what we witnessed yesterday and could not help but begin thinking about all the stories in the Scriptures where people encountered God in amazing ways and were witnesses to God's movement first hand. Those who were at The Journey yesterday can chalk up that experience as parallel with the incredible things that occurred in the Scriptures.

Here is what God has spoken to me since yesterday: We only seen a glimpse of what is to come. If we are obedient, faithful, and hungry to ignite a Jesus movement, we only seen a snapshot of all that God desires to do through us. This is not just some poetic vision casting thing, this is what God is saying to me: We haven't seen anything yet. The Journey's best days are ahead of us! One thing is for certain: Mother's Day, May 11th, 2008 marked a place in time for us as a church. I believe we will look back and see things through the filter of that was before May 11, 2008 or it was after. I believe this to be so. After looking at the eyes and smiling faces of those in attendance following service, I believe everyone is hungry for more. We can't go back, only forward. May 11, 2008 marked the day in which we shared our last day with one service, but it also marked the day in which we realized that God is about to ignite something we can't even begin to imagine -- and we tasted it!

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