Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Reflections

Once again God has amazed us with His movement in the lives of people. We have officially baptized over 14 people in the last four weeks at The Journey -- this is all God's doing. We only had 5 scheduled baptisms this morning and ended baptizing 9 total. The Spirit of God was thick today, and in the second service people just kept coming forward. As a I think about what has been happening and where we are going as a church, here are some things that I feel we have to do:

* Expect more -- I still believe we have only scratched the surface of what could happen if we remain obedient to God and let Him do the work He desires. I was in prayer Saturday night and I asked God why we don't see Him transform lives every weekend and see people throw their lives at His feet. God said to me, "Because you don't expect it." Ouch!! We must come expecting each week, we must invite expecting, we must expect more.

* Pray big prayers -- believe that God opens doors, believe that when we give Him control He can do more than we can ask or imagine, believe He desires to make Himself known to the world around us

* Become great givers -- oh no...he's talking money! I'm not just talking money here, though if we want to continue to create the type of environments that are allowing us to reach unchurched people, we need funds; however, giving happens when we give of our time to serve as well. Part of the atmosphere that helps produce trust and acceptance is smiling faces that are greeting, serving kids, helping set-up/tear-down, and working the coffee bar. We have to have more givers as we continue to expand our efforts

* Find connection -- it is great that God is bringing people and people are finding a place where they feel welcome and that they belong, but we have to move beyond Sunday mornings to connection throughout the week in some environment. Find a small group or 20/20/20 group

* Invite, Invite, Invite -- people don't come unless we ask them, if we want to ignite a movement, we have to invite people into it. Pray big prayers for the people in your life far from God or on the edge of faith. God wants to reach people more than we do.

* Soak it in -- these experiences are not everyday normal occurrences (though I wish they were). Take time to thank God for what we are experiencing. Take time to ask Him for a greater harvest than has been seen so far. We are witnessing people who were far from God find Him and seen lost children come home -- that is what it is all about!

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