Friday, June 13, 2008

Meeting with Nashville Leaders and Monsoons

Today I met with several church planters throughout Nashville with the Tennessee Baptist Convention leadership there as well. They cast the vision to us handful of planters that they believe can help strategically move the church forward into the future as new planters and churches come along. It is exciting to think about churches and the denomination working together to ensure success - noble concept!

We had lunch at a Mexican Catina in East Nashville - very neat place. I drove down in the Jeep with the doors and top off. The monsoon came about thirty minutes into lunch. Did I attempt to go put the top up? No. Let it rain. There are worse things in the world than being wet. On the way home, I actually sat and enjoyed getting drenched. There were cars pulled over from lack of vision, but I march forward. Doing something out of the ordinary can give new perspective sometimes. Next time it rains...try going outside in it, instead of running inside from it.

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