Friday, June 27, 2008

Can Your Life Make a Difference?

Today is just a normal Friday right? Maybe, but maybe not.

Today we have an entire family from The Journey leaving the comforts of their home and life and going to South Dakota for a week. They are going to serve and minister to people at an Indian Reservation that is considered one of the poorest areas of our country. The Raffield family could use our prayers and support as they go on this potentially life-changing trip.

So maybe you are not going with them, but you can join me in praying for them. Pray that God would open doors for them. Pray that it would be an amazing experience for them.

What about you and me? What are we doing today to make a difference? Does this have to be an ordinary Friday? Does any day have to be ordinary?

I believe every day, every moment, holds the possibilities of extraordinary events. If we are willing to hear from God and follow Him, we can make a difference with our lives every day. What about the person down the hall from you right now or sitting in the cubicle next to you? Is it possible that God can allow you to impact their life?

You may not be going on a mission trip today, but make no mistake, God is on mission around you and me, and He invites us to join Him.

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