Monday, June 23, 2008

New Website and Logo

Over our time of two and half years at The Journey, we have had a couple of changes and transitions in logos and websites. We have never felt like we had captured the essence of The Journey in previous attempts.

Websites and logos are important. Statistics show that most people will visit a church's website before they actually visit the church. So in many ways, our website is our front door. We wanted to make sure that our front door represented who we are, especially as we move forward with 2 new campuses this fall. That being said, their is a new website being designed right now, that should actually be going in live in the next week or two. It is incredible. There will be many helpful features and options on this site. It will be the central website for all campuses, with each campuses info available on it. Plus, it will be a great place to send people you are trying to reach out to and invite to The Journey.

We also have settled on the new logo. It is subtly different than the current one, but gives us more of a look that we like. We kept some of the current features of the current logo, but gave it some more flavor and feel. I'm giving you a sneak peak of the logo now; you will have to wait another week or two for the website. I would love to hear your thoughts on the logo.


  1. Nice logo, not least because it is unchurchy! What we try to suggest at our church website design self-assessment tool.

    We would love to have more stories of how church websites have touched outsiders, since this demonstrates the effectiveness of a church website geared for outsiders. If you have any from the Journey Church, please can you let me know?