Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Video for Intro to Services

Watch this video and tell me if you think it would be good to play before services each week. It could serve as our intro video to kick services off. I think it speaks to what The Journey is all about. What do you think?


  1. WOW WOW WOW...You know that when people ask me about our church I pretty much describe it just at that video does. I tell them that for once I feel like NO ONE no matter what in is their past will feel judged at one of our services. I think you know how RARE that is. Even though we as a church are never supposed to sit in judgement of others, it happens quite often at the one place you are supposed to be able to go to start to rebuild your broken life. I tell them it's even ok if you struggle along your journey, no one is going to beat you up and tell you that you can't come back because you "had a relapse" so to speak. We are all going to fail at one time or another, the good thing about our church family is that everyone seems to have big strong hands to help you back up and get you back on your path!! I happen to think WE ROCK!!! With or without the video one service, one message, one experience will show anyone that visits what we are all about and I happen to believe that anyone that walks through our doors leaves a changed person.

  2. I agree. Great comment. It really sums up what the Journey is all about!