Friday, June 27, 2008

Confessions of a Restless Pastor

I just need to vent for a moment. This Sunday will be my third week of having a break from teaching. Breaks are absolutely needed to refresh. It also gives me a chance to explore fresh ideas and hear God speak to me about future teaching series. The good thing about me taking a break is that the church gets a chance to hear other voices. I believe that is important also.

Now for the confession...I am about to die of restlessness. I am ready to be back teaching again a week from this Sunday. The last three weeks during the week have been restless for me. I have had plenty to do and have not had a moment to stop, but my weekly routine has been different. I am eager to start teaching again. I believe it is what I born to do. Hopefully this restlessness will result in a dynamic War Zone series - I have had three weeks to pour myself into it. Once I begin teaching again, I will get a one week break every 6-7 weeks, but right now my feeling is "break time is over."

Thanks for the chance to vent. Even a pastor needs to give confessions from time to time.

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