Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Reflections

Today was an amazing day of firsts at The Journey. We had our first services with children's ministry being upstairs near the adults. I believe this works better than before, because now everyone is closer together.

We also had another first. We had our first experience at The Journey with video teaching. This is something that many churches across the country are doing and having success. We are participating in the One Prayer series that over 1,400 churches in over 20 countries are doing together. We had the privilege of having Pastor Mark Batterson of National Community Church in Washington D.C. challenge us today to become dreamers. My only hesitation was that if people didn't know the speaker, they may not engage. My fears were quickly relieved when I noticed people participating and engaged in the message. We even had a family come forward after the second service to commit to following Christ.

The experience gave us a snapshot of possibilities to come in the days ahead. We are going to experiment with video teaching at some of the campuses that we will launch in the fall. The video will be the same messages I'm teaching live. Every campus will go through the same teaching series and learn the same things as every other campus. Like today, each campus will have a campus pastor responsible for shepherding that campus and leading the time of spiritual movement -- just as I served today. I'm excited about it. Today was a great day to see what could happen.

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