Monday, June 30, 2008

Social Networking

The social networking tools available these days are simply incredible. No longer do letters and phone calls serve as the only way to keep in touch with others. Now we have tools that give us instant feedback, instant connection. These tools can be used for all types of things, but I'm amazed at how we can use them to further the mission of God. For example, if you are reading this blog right now, you are a part of the social networking scene. If you are not a blogger, I would encourage you to try. There are many other tools out there as well.

Twitter - after doing my trial run, I have decided to continue using twitter as often as I feel like doing it. We are about to use this tool at The Journey for elders, future campus pastors, ministry leaders, and many others to stay connected. If you would like to learn more about twitter or begin following me and others at The Journey, go to

Facebook - this tool has been out there a while now, but I'm new in the game at jumping into this. I have recently become a part of a group for incoming Divinity School students at Vanderbilt. I also joined the Middle Tennessee Church Planters group established by TBC leader Lewis McMullen. This is a great tool for posting pictures, updating things going on in your life, and staying in touch with others. I actually just started a Journey Facebook group if you are interested. Click on my Facebook page here and then check out the groups.

Join this new era of networking and connection with others.

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