Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back from the Dead

I'm alive. I didn't know if I would be able to say that earlier this morning. I woke up today with a killer headache that only got progressively worse as the morning moved forward. About thirty minutes before service this morning, I got sick. The headache was so bad that it actually made me get sick. So I made sure we had things covered and went home.

I basically went home and crashed on the couch until 7pm tonight. I slept about five more hours. I guess my body needed that to heal. My wife went to the store and got me some migraine medicine - that was much needed. I woke up this evening feeling like I had been in a 12 round heavy weight bout with Mike Tyson - when he was good. My head is no longer hurting though. So I rejoin the living.

I hated not being at church today. I wasn't scheduled to preach, thankfully, but it wasn't about preaching. I truly enjoy being with the people of The Journey each week. I feel like one of the favorite parts of my week was stolen from me. I'm thankful for all of our wonderful people who stepped up and made sure our worship and praise of the only One worthy continued on. I can not wait until next week to begin preaching again. It has been a good break, but watch out - I'm coming with both barrels loaded this coming Sunday with the beginning of the War Zone series.

Thanks for your prayers. Let's pray for a fantastic week leading up to this new series. Invite someone, it will be worth it.

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