Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Reflections

This was a fantastic day. I was energized and brewing inside all morning to get that sermon out of my heart and mind. It wasn't a hard sermon to preach because it is my heartbeat. I was like being asked to talk about how much I love my wife and kid, it comes easy. If you ever wonder what my heart is about and what things are stirring deep within me, you witnessed today. May we at The Journey live out our prayer today, "Lord, Make us Hungry" - hungry for a Jesus movement, hungry for Your presence.

Did you have tears in your eyes during "God of this City" today? I did. Molly did an incredible job with that song and Robbie did a great job putting that video together to accompany it. I really believe the message of that song. "There is no one like our God"..."Greater things are still to come, greater things are still to be done in this city"...INSPIRING! Do we believe it? Are we willing to live it?

Miranda did an absolute phenomenal job today leading worship and showed why she will be leading worship at one of the new campuses in the fall. She was nervous about it, but you could have never guessed it. Her voice was beautiful, she led us, she provoked and inspired us to worship the Father -- that is what its about.

There is no ceiling on what God can do with both Miranda and Molly in the days ahead with the voices and talent He has given them.

Finally, the church picnic was a huge success. Lot's of people. Lot's of food. Lot's of fun for the kids. A killer wiffle-ball game...that I happened to not win. Also, I think many were introduced to a new game: Cornhole. I know the name doesn't sound very appealing, but the game was addicting. Lot of fun today. God, use the money raised to reach people through the Raffield family on their trip.

I love you Journey church. It is amazing to not just attend church with a group of people, but to truly live life and enjoy community with them. This is what the church in Acts 2 looked like. Let's continue to invite people to experience what we have found...the hope of Jesus...and community with others.

Pray for hunger this week. Draw near to God (James 4:8) and be still (Psalm 46:10).

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  1. You may find more information about Cornhole at the official site of the American Cornhole Association (ACA):