Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy 6th Anniversary

Today is the 6th anniversary of Katrina and I getting married. I can not believe time has gone this fast.

Six years ago today we were wandering the island of Hawaii trying to find out how we were going to get married. We went to Hawaii by ourselves to get married. We had it all planned out...so we thought. When we arrived in Hawaii we tried to make contact with the company who was responsible for marrying us and getting us a marriage license, but could not find them. We looked through the phone books and found nothing. We discovered shortly into our investigation that we had booked our wedding plans on the wrong island. Katrina was freaked out. She was crying and believing that her wedding was not going to happen. I tried to be the strong one and assured her that we would get everything settled. Turns out, we would have to pay a ton of money to fly over to another island to get married and then come back to our condo. We instead tried to secure another person to do the wedding. We soon discovered when we called the local marriage license agency that they were backed up for several months...this only added to Katrina's downfall of tears.

I was finally able to call a place that could get us our license, do the wedding, and even had a contact for getting pictures done. As I probed, I soon discovered that the lady talking to me was also the wedding official...she was the minister. Once again, more tears from Katrina. Ultimately, it was all we had, so we went with it.

On the day of the wedding, we showed up to the location they told us to meet them. They met us at the car and we walked down a trail through a set of trees. When we came out of the other side we were immersed by a beautiful scene. It was if we had just walked onto a postcard - immaculate. We were the only people on this beach. The water was like a swimming pool it was so clear. We even had a giant sea turtle climb onto the beach beside us. We ended up having a beautiful ceremony. The lady did our ceremony, including the songs (I'll have to share that story with you later), and it was a memorable moment. We still look back together and laugh about all of it, and jokingly wonder if we are really married. I wouldn't trade our experience for anything. It was our special day.

I love you Katrina - more each day. I want to serve you and our family for the rest of my life. I want to seek to live out together Ephesians 5:21-33. Happy 6th anniversary dear...I'm so grateful you haven't traded me in yet.

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