Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Would You Be Willing To Give Up?

This past Sunday we discussed discovering our gifts and abilities that God wants to use to further His Kingdom. We highlighted and talked about Peter being challenged to leave his nets and follow Jesus - Luke 5:1-11. Peter had to leave his fishing business and trust that what he was about to give his life to was worth doing. I imagine there was a level of fear and a big healthy dose of the unknown; however, he chose to give up fishing for perch to fish for men.

Question: What would you be willing to give up to follow Jesus and become everything he wants you to be? What would you lay down in order to see your life maximized to its full potential? What would you sacrifice to help others find the hope that you have discovered?

Perhaps another way to view it...

Question: What are you not willing to give up to allow your life to be used by God to the fullest? What things would you rather hang on to instead of leave behind to follow Jesus? Is there anything that comes between you and God that needs to be done away with?

I want my life to be completely defined by the fact that I say yes to Jesus daily, and leave behind anything not needed for the journey or would keep from making the journey - how about you?

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