Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back in the Swing of things

Today has been kind of a "groggy" head-spinning day. I finally slept good for the first time all week, which actually caused me to wake up dazed and confused. I took off for a meeting with the Tennessee Baptist Convention guys and Clyde Rountree (our Community Outreach Pastor and fellow co-founder of The Journey). We discussed our plans and strategies for having Journey churches all over Middle Tennessee, I think they are excited about partnering with us. Clyde and I returned to my house where we sat and talked about what kind of journey it has been the last several years and how good God has been.

Kaleb and I are about to head to the go-kart/putt-putt/driving range center and have some father/son time together. I've got to work the rust off my back swing and give the "wild man" a ride around the go-kart track. God is good!

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