Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Reflections

This week has been a wild and crazy week. I spent Monday through Wednesday in Seattle for a conference on multi-site churches -- I learned a great deal about that subject while there. Saturday I gave two talks at The Ignite Conference, which went really well. Today, we had another great day at The Journey. I'm talking with people every Sunday who are new or only been recently coming, who are expressing just how much God is lighting a fire in them since being a part of The Journey. I do believe God is doing a great work right now in the life of the church and is preparing us for even more than we can imagine.

A lady told me today, "I've never been the type to enjoy going to church, much less on Sunday night and Wednesday night, since attending The Journey, I find myself wishing you guys had Sunday night and Wednesday night, because I'm so hungry for Jesus." Only God!

There are days ahead of us that will require tremendous faith. There will be times when we have to be willing to take big risks. Ultimately, it is all about people finding Jesus and we as a church going to any and every extent outside of sinning to do so. Pray for courageous hearts and that God would continue to send workers for the harvest.

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  1. Erik I just wanted to let you know that it really touched my heart when I read your blog and you had wrote about what we talked about after the service Sunday morning. I'm looking forward to this Sunday and going to the Journey 101 class I have my staff packet all filled out and ready to turn in.

    See you soon,