Friday, April 4, 2008

Wake-up Call

Yesterday was one of those days in which God moments were occurring left and right. The first one happened when I met with the Tennessee Baptist Convention church planting guy about The Journey planting the new campus in Providence. They have restructured how they do funding and what the qualifications are. Without giving numbers, so that I don't build up an expectation that doesn't happen, The Journey sits positioned to receive a substantial amount of money toward the Providence campus plant. We have to submit a funding proposal by the first Monday in May, that is when they will review and reward funding. God is so good!

The second God moment happened yesterday when I got a phone call from an individual asking about whether or not people who commit suicide go to heaven -- six hours later when I left meeting with him, God had shook me to the core, and put my heart through the spin cycle. Be at The Journey on Sunday 10am to tune in to who this guy was and what happened in our time together. The topic for Sunday is: The Church's Mission to the World.

God is good. His love for us goes beyond belief. Be sure today that you allow his love to shine through you to the world that is in disarray around you. You never know who may be watching and needs it.

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