Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Evening Reflections

Another great Sunday! We had a pastor's lunch again after church and spent the afternoon with some families from The Journey...this church is full of great people. There is a different atmosphere beginning to emerge at The Journey. We are becoming more sensitive to God's movement during our Catalyst service on Sunday's and people are responding to the promptings of the Holy Spirit like never before since the church opened. Today's sermon was really more about what God is teaching me and how he is making me more aware of his heart than ever before in my life. I pray for all of those who are struggling with finding hope for the situations that have invaded their lives -- the world needs Jesus and the hope he brings so bad! Let us be the church and people who are willing to be the hands and feet of our Savior to those around us daily.

Because God decided the sermon needed to be different this week after the encounter I had, I didn't use the power point that had been built. So...I have posted some bullet-points of the sermon today on the Church's Mission to the world:

#1 - the church is not a building, the church is the people

#2 - the church is not here to meet our preferences and needs, we are the church, here to meet the needs of a lost and broken world

#3 - there is a world of people full of hurt and pain around us...they are the majority of the people we encounter daily, not the minority (Issac's story)

#4 - read Luke 17:11-19 (allow the reality that Jesus healed ten and only one returned to give thanks set in...Jesus didn't "qualify" their worthiness before healing them, and he probably knew not all would be grateful and some would probably use him)

#5 - God has challenged me about never being caught up in being busy that I miss an opportunity to share hope with people who need it, and to be willing to help people despite the fact that some may simply be using me - because that is more like the heart of God than someone who very selectively qualifies who is worthy of help, hope, and love

To top the evening off, we went to small group tonight, but it didn't go quite as well as we had planned - read my wife's blog to catch the story.

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