Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Leadership Must Rise

The more I see God moving among The Journey and growing our congregation numerically and spiritually, the more I'm recognizing the need for leadership to grow with it. I think a problem that often exists in churches is that those who start in positions of leadership, paid and volunteer, often let their spiritual growth get stunted rather than continuing to grow along with the church. As God grows the church, leaders must be growing at the same pace, if not faster. When leaders fail to continue growing at the pace of the church, they become irrelevant, and begin leading out of last year's or previous year's spiritual growth. Once this has happened, they will fail to be able to offer a fresh wind of God's Spirit to those they lead, they will not be able lead people where they themselves are not willing to go. What happens when a lot of leaders quit growing in their relationship with God is it begins to stunt the church's growth -- because the people who are suppose to be hearing God's voice and leadings are simply position fillers, not being led by the Spirit. The leadership of the church must rise, will you? Will I? If we are not willing to rise, God will raise up the needed leaders to advance His Kingdom into the future. I desire to be on the train as it moves forward, how about you?

Here are some recommendations:

#1 - Evaluate how much time your spending with God in the Scriptures and in prayer versus XBox, Playstation, the Internet, or other time theifs

#2 - Make the needed adjustments to rearrange your time to allow for more time with God

#3 - Ask yourself if your willing to do what is necessary to continue leading as God raises the stakes and raises the bar upon which leadership must operate

#4 - Find another leader or leaders that want accountability in this arena (iron sharpens iron)

#5 - Pray the dangerous prayer of asking God to give you an insatiable hunger for His presence, His Word, and His Spirit

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