Monday, April 28, 2008

Something Funny!

I'm going to post another post later in the day today, but I wanted to share something I thought was funny. Since my comment in service yesterday about the statistic that says people forget 95% of what they hear in a sermon in less than 72 hours after hearing it, I have had more people reference me saying that in conversations I'm having. I hope that is not the 5% of what people remembered, but it is already looking like it is :-)

Btw, that statistic was not completely quoted correctly - it is actually: people who don't write down what they hear will forget 95% of that within 72 hours. The lesson here is write down things you think were from God to you. We are actually exploring with the idea of providing an outline on Sundays to help with that -- we'll see?

Also, don't forget to email ( or make a comment on the BLOG here about your topics, questions, or ideas on the series I want to do in the future: If You Want It...You Got It! Send me topics you would like hear me preach on and we'll collect the most common theme or the one's I believe God confirms need to be spoken. I'll post some other thoughts I'm having right now later on today.

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