Monday, April 21, 2008

Ignite a Movement Jesus!

Today I wanted to give some props to other bloggers in our Journey community and highlight how God has been working in their lives. The first is the Perry Family; you can hear how their journey led them to be a part of The Journey by visiting their blog: Perry Family BLOG.

The second is Kristi Bode; Kristi and her family are a story of the kind of people we so desperately want at The Journey. Kristi came into relationship with Jesus since being a part of The Journey and her husband Jeff is just at the edge, if not stepping over the line of faith. You can hear their story at Kristi's BLOG.

In addition, other people are telling expressing how God is using The Journey to awaken them to a new life and fresh perspective of Jesus. God is very good. The Journey is about igniting a movement of Jesus. I believe God is raising up a generation, not defined by age, race, or gender, but defined by attitude and heart; they are going be the ones spearheading that movement. May the Journey lead the way!

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