Tuesday, April 15, 2008

10 Questions I'm Asking Myself

After an incredible two days at this conference in Seattle, which is a continuation of the regeneration Jesus has already began in me lately, there are many questions that I'm wrestling with -- questions I believe should be at the heart of all followers of Jesus.

#1 What is the church? Is my church everything Jesus gave his life for?

#2 Will I operate my life around fear or faith? (this is in all areas of my life)

#3 Is my heart breaking more and more for the things that break God's?

#4 Am I willing to risk everything for the sake of Christ?

#5 Am I willing to look foolish for the sake of Christ?

#6 Is my church safe enough for lost people to come, but dangerous enough to change their lives?

#7 Am I willing and is my church willing to be all things, to all people, so that BY ALL MEANS POSSIBLE I/We might save some? (1 Corinthians 9:19-23)

#8 Am I willing to stop being a people pleaser and become a people lover, so that I may become a GOD PLEASER?

#9 Am I willing to lose control and let the church get messy if means people discover Jesus?

#10 Am I obsessed with reaching lost people? Am I willing to go to any extent outside of sin to reach them?

We should ask ourselves these questions with earnest desire to hear Jesus speak his heart to us.

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