Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A One-Day Sabbatical

I promised my wife today that I would help do some spring cleaning, namely getting all The Journey gear out of our house and over to our new offices which will be in the donated house we got. I've also promised to finish painting my son's room...I hate painting! I promised no work, including Blackberry emails, phone calls, and all that good stuff. I may get in trouble for blogging, but it wasn't mentioned so I'm going for it. Upon publishing this I will be knee deep in work around our house. So if you read this, say a quick prayer that I could at least have some good prayer time and reflection today while moving stuff around and painting.

Tomorrow I will post about the tremendous meeting I had with the CEO of A Group, a company out of Brentwood that works with churches all over the country and website development, marketing strategies, and creative solutions for the church. This guy was genius. Tune in tomorrow...

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