Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm Willing to be the Guinea Pig

I have fully recovered from my day of moving junk around the house and painting my son's room -- it actually wasn't that bad, I'm just not used to slowing down that abruptly in the middle of the week. Yesterday I mentioned a meeting I had in Brentwood with a company called A Group. They specialize in helping churches produce solid "brands" for lack of better words -- they help create a church's image to the outside world, so that they can get them to become a part of the inside world. In addition, they work on developing websites, marketing pieces, Sunday morning programs, and other literature the church uses. Their idea is that everything you can control in developing the image people have of you, you better take advantage of it. Churches from all over the country are flying in to meet with this company and those using their services are finding major success. I was able to hit it off with the CEO of the company and he gave a lot of "uncharged" advise to me about our situation at The Journey. It was a very insightful and energizing meeting.

I am heading to Brentwood again today (...I'm spending a lot of time their huh?) to meet with the head of Middle Tennessee church planting to discuss The Journey's move to being a multi-site church. The Tennessee Baptist Convention is researching this phenomenon and are looking to learn more about it. It's possible that The Journey could be a pilot church for them to study our movements and track our successes and failures. Of course, if they are willing to fund us to ensure a better success rate I'd be willing to be a Guinea pig. :)

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