Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Creating the Future

OK, it is finally time for me to share with everyone the direction the Journey is heading in our immediate future. Most of you should receive a newsletter containing this information, but I we can not communicate this often enough. Many of you are aware that we are one church that is about to be meeting in multiple locations. The game plan organized by myself, the elder team, and other key ministry leaders is this:

* We are moving to 2 services beginning May 18th! The service times will be 9am and 11am. We will have full children's ministry at both hours. We believe this will allow us to expand the options and opportunities to reach more people. We ask that staff and all Journey regulars to adopt a "attend one - serve one" mentality. More details are to come in the days ahead, but this will give us the entire summer to continue building a stable base.

* We will not be having preview services throughout the summer, and instead will launch the Providence and Hartsville Campuses in the fall. We will use the summer to build networks and relationships in those areas and find opportunities to be on mission there. We will launch these campuses simultaneously in the fall as all the pieces line up concerning meeting locations and leaders.

* We will be anointing campus pastors as the shepherds over each campus. The purpose of the campus pastor will be to give ministry care to church attendees, develop leaders, and ensure the vision of the Journey is infused at their campus.

* Each campus will meet on Sunday mornings to ensure the optimal opportunity to reach the unchurched and lost of the community. I will still be the primary communicator for The Journey and each campus will be on the same teaching series. We will video my sermon and each campus will receive the message via video. I will rotate to the different campuses to offer face to face time; however, each campus will operate full functioning worship, ministries, and everything as normal - the teaching will be the only thing via video. Campus pastors will be speak at their campuses 10-12 times per year, the remaining 40 Sundays I will speak.

This is the skeleton plan of the direction; there are still many details to hash out, but we are confident that we are moving in the direction God has ordained. There will be much more communication and details as we keep moving forward; however, the big announcement for now is: MAY 18th - 2 Service times: 9am & 11am! Mark your calendars, find a place to plug in and serve, and let your friends and family know that there are two opportunities to come and worship with us.

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