Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Interesting Story

An article today on the home page of AOL news, is entitled: US Among Most Bible-Literate Nations. In the article is shares that US and Spain are the two most Bible-literate nations in the world -- meaning we know more about what it says than many other nations. My question is this: are we among the most Bible-obeying nations in the world? Are we the most obedient to what God says to us in the Scriptures? There is a big difference between knowing something and doing something. What blew me away about the poll and how they came to these results are found in this part of the story,
"Asked if they had read a phrase from the Bible in the past 12 months, 75 percents of American respondents said yes, while between 20 percent and 38 percent of respondents in the other eight countries said yes."

The reason Americans are considered some of the most Bible-literate in the world is because 75% have read a passage in the past 12 months. This is the very reason a radical movement of God needs to sweep across this nation and world. Our world and nation is hungry for hope (they'll run to it even if its a presidential candidate claiming it) and they need to know that there is. Hope is not found in Obama, I'm sure he is a good man, but hope is found in Jesus Christ. Let's pray for our world today and that God would "wake the nations".

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