Monday, August 4, 2008

What is a Disciple at The Journey?

That sounds like a weird question, but it's one worth asking. Of course we want disciples at the Journey to be disciples of Jesus, but what do we want that to look like? If you visit every church in this region, you would probably find that all of them are different in the type of disciples they are trying to produce. Most would not be able to answer what type of disciple they want to produce. At the Journey we have always said that we want to, "lead people into an ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ." We do want to do that, but we have had to answer the question: so what does an ever-growing relationship with Jesus look like? What does it mean to be his disciple? So here it is. We want disciples of Jesus at The Journey to be:

#1 - Passionately seeking God's presence

#2 - Seeing people through God's eyes

#3 - Driven to live God's purposes

We believe this is a process. If we try to create a church in which all people are hungry for the presence of God and are engaging with Him, we believe that will change their perspective of the world around them. It is impossible to love God and not begin to love others. Loving God will give you the perspective to love others. Once we are seeing people through God's lenses, it will drive us to serve them. It will drive us towards God's mission. If a disciple at the Journey looked like that, we would consider that success.

3 P's that we will be shouting over and over: Presence, Perspective, Purposes

This week I'm going to talk about how this type of disciple can be formed and how the DNA of The Journey effects that.

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