Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Catch Up

It has been a crazy 4-5 days for me. I've done two weddings, preached our Catalyst service, trying to get my master's program stuff together, had a jammed packed family day, and now I've got a week full of meetings and more talks to get done. I love my job, but I've been busy. Here's the run-down:

Sunday Reflections:

* Joey and Marcella's wedding from the night before was incredible. Night weddings that are outside are my new favorite. Beautiful ceremony and lots of fun.

* We had some chaos before the fist service. A teacher at West was at the school trying to load things off the stage into her trailer. This prevented the set-up team from getting our stuff in. We were pushing all the way to the 9am start time to get ready.

* I felt good about the sermon. We didn't see a lot of movement during the reflective times, but I had many people approach me afterward asking questions and sharing how it spoke to them. I could also tell from facial expressions that many people were wrestling with some things.

* I thought the video of Amber and Trent during the service was very well done. Great job to Robbie for bringing that together at the quality it was. Thanks Amber and Trent for the transparency and willingness to share your own story of repentance.

* Sunday night was yet another wedding. I married Amber and Trent poolside at my house. It was perhaps the most fun I've had at a wedding. These two weddings were the best of all the weddings I've attended or conducted.

Family Day:
Yesterday was family day and Kaleb's first day of school. He loved it. Katrina and I stayed since it was only two hours the first day. We hung out on the bench outside the room and chatted. Afterward we went and had lunch together and went to Kaleb's favorite spot: Pump it Up! We went home to swim after that and Katrina and I went and worked out at the Y a couple hours later. That evening I had a softball game in which we lost both games...again. I did however hit two home runs in the cause...that felt pretty cool.

The Fun Continues:
Today Shawn Allen and I are heading to Hartsville to meet up with the director of the baptist association in that area. We are casting the vision of The Journey coming to that area. There is potential funding we can get from this association. They are excited about the Journey coming.

I've got several other meetings and I have to find some time for study in there as well. We've got small group this evening with a great group of folks. We really enjoy our group. It is going to be another packed week, but God is doing some amazing things in our midst. This Sunday we talk about: Prayer. We will also be baptizing some folks...don't miss it.

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