Thursday, August 7, 2008

Seeing Through God's Eyes

Presence ~ Perspective ~ Purposes

It is inevitable; when we encounter the Living God and experience His presence, we not only hoard all this love for ourselves, but it begins to spill out of us and to the world around us. Our ability to love the world around us comes from the ability to see people of the world around us as God sees them. We are seeking God's perspective.

At The Journey, we believe this is the second step to becoming the type of disciple that Jesus has called us to be. We have to first seek His face and presence, and doing so gives us His perspective on people and the world around us. When we see people as God sees them it is harder to judge them. It becomes more difficult to hate and criticize. When we see the people as God sees them it should break our hearts for them, not lead to condemnation. The best way to begin allowing this to take shape is to find yourself in a small group. It is in the small group environment that we share life with others and help gain this God-like perspective. If you want to see people as God sees them, you have to be around people.

If you evaluate your own life and discover it difficult to love others or see them as God see them, you need to go back to the Presence of God and allow Him to change you. You see, when we find ourselves being highly critical, judgmental, and without compassion for the people in the world around us, we have a perspective problem. Perspective problems only get fixed as we get into the Presence of God and get reminded of all He has done in our lives. When we remember how much we have been forgiven and how much grace and mercy has been extended toward us, then we can see others differently.

If we can seek His presence and allow for that to shape our perspectives, we will begin to join His purposes. This will be the discussion tomorrow.

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