Monday, August 25, 2008

Campus Plans

There are still many moving parts to figure out regarding our launch of two new campuses in the near future. We have some targeted dates this fall that will require us to gage where resources are and how things are shaping up. Right now, we do have our strategy for how we will launch these campuses. We are going to be taking a staggered services approach to successfully launching these new campuses. We believe this will allow us the maximum momentum going into these new areas. It will look like this:

Providence Campus: Sunday 9am

West Campus: Sunday 11am

Hartsville Campus: Sunday 6pm

Each of the services will be identical services so that all campuses are learning and progressing at the same pace. Robbie and the band will lead worship at each location and I will be the primary communicator at each campus as well. The role of the campus pastors will be to shepherd and minister to the people on an individual basis that come to their campuses. They will be responsible for leading teams at their campus, overseeing small groups assimilation, and for overall campus development and growth. As we continue to grow and progress at each campus, there will obviously be other changes and new strategies implemented; however, we believe this gives us the best potential for success as we begin.

We (the elders) need to know which campus you and your family are planning on making your home campus. Obviously you would be free to go to any of the campuses, but we are trying to gage how the numbers are going to shake up at each place so that we can begin to look at developing leadership teams at each place. There will be a letter sent to everyone this week that will have a card in it. The card will ask which campus you are prayerfully considering to attend. Please fill this out and turn it in on Sunday. This information prepares us to be successful as we move forward. Exciting times are ahead.

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