Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just Imagine...

Just imagine if these new campuses are able to reflect the movement and momentum that we have experienced in the last several months

Just imagine if we were to go from ministering to roughly 170 adults/kids weekly to 450 adults/kids weekly in a matter of months

Just imagine Sundays where 100's are giving their lives to Christ and are being baptized

Just imagine a church in which people who are de-churched or have never been come to encounter the Living God

Just imagine the number of broken marriages that will be made whole as a result of The Journey coming to them

Just imagine God raising up several full-time ministers from within our body as a result of tasting what it's like to serve God

Just imagine the Journey being a church that influences churches throughout the nation

Just imagine that first Sunday we have three campuses operating and the excitement and anticipation we are going to have

Just imagine how God is going to change your life as a result of being a part of this movement

Just imagine if the numbers I'm projecting are undershooting what God plans to do and He blows our minds!

Take some time today and this week to just imagine the possibilities...I am pumped!

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