Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Details Coming Soon!

Well, we believe we have our battle plan together for launching these two new campuses in Providence and Hartsville. It has been since February that we have been praying through details, finding leaders, and getting a strategy for success together. This week I will be sending out a letter to the church outlining the details of our strategy for these new campuses. I will release the information here on the blog first the day before the letter goes out - so tune in.

Snippets I can share now:
* You could attend each campus in a single weekend if you desired

* Teaching and worship will be the same at each campus that it is at the current campus

* It is going to require us to get some financial resources together to make it happen

* It is going to take a sacrifice of time and service to make it happen

* It is going to be amazing

* The campuses will be launched sooner rather than later

Stay tuned for the details in full in the next couple of days!

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