Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Reflections

Let me begin by saying...WOW! God are you kidding me! Today was one of those days in which I say, "Thank you God that I get to be a part of this!"

What an amazing day today at The Journey. God continues to pour out His presence and favor on this church and these people. I get excited to think that we have not seen what all He desires to continue doing through our church. Do you have people in your lives that you should be inviting to church? Bring them! God is encountering people in ways I've never been a part of in all my life. We are witnessing people who have been far from God run to Him and others who have been playing it safe with God become DANGEROUS people!

The final number of people baptized today at church was 9
. That's right...2 scheduled baptisms and 9 people end up getting baptized. Today we seen men in their late forties weeping come forward to be baptized. We seen a husband and wife duo come forward. We seen many people who wanted to be baptized today because they had never been baptized upon accepting Jesus as their Lord and King. We seen people who were baptized as youth, but never understood what they were doing and they wanted to do it right. Praise be to God! He is at work in our midst and He wants to blow our minds with what is to come. We have had nearly 30 professions of faith and baptisms over the last three months -- that is a God thing.

Before leaving today, a friend approached me that has a gift of prophecy. This is a very mature follower of Christ and doesn't walk around wielding his prophecy sword around trying to say, "thus sayeth the Lord." But he did approach me today and said that God has shared with him, "this is only the tip of the iceberg...get ready!" I say, "Come Lord Jesus, Come!"

Continue praying big prayers Journey Church. Listen to the voice of our Great Shepherd and obey Him. Our prayers become more in line with His will as we simply follow His lead. I love being your pastor. I love where God is leading us. I love to dream of what the next several months are going to look like.

Click here to watch Week One of the DNA series: Repentance. This week's message and baptism videos should be up by mid-week.

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