Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blessings Continue

Yesterday Shawn Allen and I had the opportunity to meet up with the Bledsoe Baptist Association leader and talk about the vision of the Journey. He is the director of all baptist churches in Sumner, Trousdale, and Macon Counties. We discussed our dreams of what could happen in Hartsville and he was absolutely fired up. He is going to make resources available to us (financial, administrative, training, etc.).

We are continuing to find many doors opening as we seek accomplish the mission God has given us. We are getting closer to having some details ironed out concerning timing, strategy, and meeting locations and times. Stay tuned for more details.

Question for feedback:
Would you prefer the new campuses be called The Journey or would you be open/more inclined to them being called something else (exp: Hartsville Community Church)? Or do you not care one way or the other? I'd love to get your thoughts.


  1. They should definitely be a mixture. Maybe like the Hartsville Journey of Community, The Church of Community in Hartsville, Journey into Community, The First Journey Church of Hartsville actually would be best so then future Journey satellites could be FJC and then add the location. Yep, that last one gets my vote!

  2. We are currently debating on whether we should have different names for each location. We just want to do whatever it takes to plant successful churches. Stanley has Northpoint Ministries and it has under it: Northpoint Community Church, Buckhead Church, Brownsbridge Community Church. It is just something we are kicking around and pondering.
    Thanks for the recommendations...the names you presented are great :-)

  3. You do know that I was absolutely kidding right?!?

  4. I persoanlly like each campus having their own name/identity. They could still fall under "Journey Ministries" and have the DNA of The Journey. But it seems like most influential multi-site churches keep the name and add the location on the end like The Journey Church-Hartsville. Check out Saddleback Church and Community Christian Church.

  5. Chad,
    Yeah...completely knew you were probably wouldn't be at the Journey if you were serious :-)

    You are right, most multi-site churches are keeping the same name. Northpoint is one of the few examples of different names, but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't do it. We'll have to really evaluate what we think will be most successful. We don't have a huge Brand attached to our name, that doesn't lock us into having to keep it: The Journey.
    Good thoughts.