Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Passionately Seeking God's Presence

Presence ~ Perspective ~ Purposes

Would this describe you? It is what should describe all who call themselves followers of Jesus. It is through Jesus that we can connect to the Father. What we are talking about here is not religiosity, but a strong desire to go deeper with God. To passionately seek after the presence of God is a hunger thing. Moses sought after this when he asked God, "show me your glory" - "let me see your face" (Exodus 33:18). Whether you are someone seeking God for the first time or someone who gave your life to Christ many years ago, seeking God's presence is the essence of being His child. We are not called to a one-time conversion experience, we are called to walk with God in relationship. The pursuit of God's presence is lifelong and will grow deeper as we continue seeking and encountering Him.

At the Journey, we have made this our first step of the process for making disciples of Jesus. This is the intent and purpose behind our Sunday morning Catalyst services. We want to create an environment in which those who far from God can encounter Him and those who have been walking with Him can go deeper. We are creating a Presence environment. However, seeking God's presence isn't just a Sunday morning deal, it is a day to day, moment by moment deal. We encounter the presence of God when we read the Scriptures seeking to find Him, when we enter His gates with thanksgiving and praise seeking to worship Him, and when quite ourselves and humbly seek Him through prayer. Find time today to passionately seek His presence. Come on Sunday's with this goal in mind for yourself and for others.

What inevitably happens when we begin to seek the presence of God and encounter Him is that it changes us. When we experience the love of God, it will change how we view others. As we find ourselves in the presence of God, we will find ourselves with His perspective on the world around us. That is the second goal of every disciple of Jesus at The Journey. That is what I will discuss tomorrow.

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