Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Evening Reflections

It was another great day at The Journey. Today was our last day that we are going to be together at the Mt Juliet Campus. Next Sunday we will be in our brand new building in Lebanon. The service times and locations will be Lebanon Campus 9am and Mt Juliet Campus 11am. I hope you are all able to make it out for the service next Sunday. I will be concluding the Bailout series and there are going to be some GREAT elements in next week's service. Invite a friend to the new building if you are a Lebanon Campus attendee.

Today was one the hardest sermons to give. It was as much self-inflicting as it was a challenge to everyone else. We all need to be reminded that we are rich. It doesn't matter what we might think, we have more than most in the world would ever dream of. If you missed the message, click here sometime on Tuesday to watch it.

Two quick shout outs: Molly McNeil brings the house down with 'Lead Me to the Cross' every time, today was no exception. Major props to all of our volunteers and volunteer coordinators for all the hard work at the new building. We're not done yet and still need your help. Please find a time to join us this week to help out. Someone will be at the building each night of the week. Awesome day Journey Church! Next week we take it to another level!

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