Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not Getting Any Younger

Yesterday was my birthday. Thanks to all of you who expressed birthday wishes. I turned 29 years old yesterday and it really caused something in me to stir. I realized yesterday that I'm not getting any younger! I know it sounds profound, but it really smacked me in the face yesterday. I know some of you laugh and say, "Dude, you're only 29 years old, just wait until later!" Those of you who say that may have a valid point, BUT it does not change the reality that I am truly asking myself if I'm giving EVERYTHING I have to become and accomplish the things God has put on my heart.

Here is my promise to all of you: you will see a much more intense and motivated man from this point on. I know most of you think that I couldn't get much more intense or motivated, but the truth is: I still live with hesitancy, complacency, and fear of failure. I question whether or not I'm truly living a life of sacrifice. Not any more. I want to live full out and lead a Jesus movement like I have been called and born to do. I want to see the Savage Generation message lived out in my lifetime, and I don't know when that lifetime may come to an end, because I'm not getting any younger.

How would you live differently if you only had 5 years left to live, 1 year left to live, or less? Are you living like you have forever or do you live with urgency?


  1. Twenty-nine was hard-hitting for me, as well. Now, months away from 30, it increasingly intensifies. And I get the "piff" and the "you're still so young." However, when you consider Jesus' ministry began at 30, you have to wonder the significance of all that you experience prior to that God plans on using those experiences and the maturity gained throughout your "young adulthood" to work in your life and the lives of others from that point on.

    I remember a certain freshman kid who was way cool, yet adorably insecure to be around older high schoolers. Pomi and I decided to adopt you and give you street "lead" you. Now you are MY spiritual leader who I, and so many others, go to with confidence because of your God-ordained leadership. WOW.

    The first season of your life has been pretty spectacular. I can't wait to see what you do for the Lord from hence forward. So again, happy, happy birthday!

  2. I am 28 and am in the same position. I have heard the exact same thing (just wait until you get my age). I think the reason sometimes it hits us so hard is that this life is all we've ever known so far. We were born into life and haven't experienced it any other way and wont until were not alive. That also sounds a little obvious. Pastor Erik I think that even some things that seem like we are stating the obvious need to be spoken again because we forget so easily. And even though we nod our heads in consent to a truth sometimes we don't feel the full weight of it. I have been the same way. Hesitating and fearing to move forward. I'm praying right along with you for you and for me and for us to realize the importance of our role in Gods plan. I keep forgetting how important it is to be His body and to prioritize my life to give it to what is most important. When I took the communion last sunday I got one of those realizations that I talked about earlier in this comment. It was that Jesus did not only die for us but that He lived His entire life for us. Even to the point of shedding His blood. And as I was sitting there looking at the wine and the bread I was overwhelmed with gratitude that He would give his life's blood. He used His body His hands His feet His mind as a tool to bring forth Gods plans and purposes on this earth. He utilized all of His resources to do this. I pray the same thing as you. Lord help me to live my life in the way that you would have me to where I can say I do nothing but what I see the Father do. I believe that we have begun what God has for us to do and that God will continue the work that He has begun in us.

    It's great that God is behind us in our work to do his will and that no matter where we've come from we can do what the word says and "come out from among them". Cause it's not about what people say about us weather it's family or friends or even enemy's we are who we are in Gods kingdom and in his cause because when He spoke light became. What is visible came out of what was invisible. God said we are mighty men of valor. So we become mighty men of valor( Ovcourse not without us yielding to His work in us) weather a person approves or agrees or not. I agree with Amber though I have not known you for a long time the best is yet to come. Blessings to your work in this ministry. Oh and Happy Birthday Sir.

  3. Hey guys, thanks for both of your thoughts and comments. I think we take too many things for granted. We live with the mindset that we will be here tomorrow. I don't want to sound morbid, but the truth is we must live with more intensity and urgency in our lives.

    I pray that the three of us would seek to live in such a way that not a moment would be wasted.