Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 26: 2 Samuel 20-21

Home stretch! Only a few days to go before we finish these two incredible books. Keep up the pace and continue to give your feedback. I have learned a ton from everybody's comments.

Today's reading is from 2 Samuel 20-21

Chapter 20:
Apparently we are not they only ones who can sense David's weakening leadership. Uprisings are becoming a common occurrence in David's kingdom these days. Luckily for David, he has Joab on his team. Joab is a faithful and fearless companion of David. I wonder if we have people like Joab in our lives. They love us for who we are and they seek to be there for us, not because it benefits them, but because they love us. I feel blessed to have some Joab types around my life: Shawn Allen, John Griffin, Robbie Cheuvront, and Todd Bates to name a few. These are guys who serve beside me, yet have my back. That breeds confidence in a leader.

Chapter 21:
What I love about this chapter is one thing: God cares about the outsiders! People often think that God doesn't love the outsiders. "If you are not Israel and not a Christian God doesn't love you" -- not according to this passage and many others. God cared for the Gibeonites and wanted their deaths avenged, He wanted justice served. Who are the outsiders in our world today that we believe with all certainty that God hates? Be reminded that He loves those people.

What stood out to you?


  1. Ch. 20
    Take away: Interesting to see David king being rejected by the people of Israel and then again in the NT we see THE KING being rejected by the people of Israel again!

    Take away: In the midst of our weekness, God takes care of the giants in our life.

  2. Josh, I love your connection between David being rejected as king by Israel and Jesus being rejected...

  3. There is always something hidden under a rock. And life always has a way to flip that rock over and expose the hidden things.

    David's kingdom seemed to be plagued with those hidden things. Whether it be an enemy that was not dealth with rightly by those before David or simply someone who desired to take the kingdom away from David.

    And as the story unfolds, we become aware that years are passing by. The story of our lives or the work of a church has its own hidden things and years go by.

    Perhaps these stories are here to remind us to deal rightly with the things that our Father calls upon us to do, so we will not have the rock of subbornness turned over and the hidden things come to plague us. And as well to always be aware that our enemy roams about seeking to devour whom he may...just as the enemies of David did. And we will always have to deal with our own giants,,,but as we saw David do,,,,so can we,,, that is defeat them !