Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 19: 2 Samuel 6-7

Welcome back and happy Friday to all. Today's reading is found in 2 Samuel 6-7.

Chapter 6:
Take-away from this chapter: Though we are to praise Him, we must revere and fear Him (Uzzah is struck down), and our worship should be undignified in the fact that we are not concerned with what people think as we celebrate the LORD'S goodness.

Chapter 7:
This is one of my favorite chapters in all the Bible. I truly believe David's prayer is one of the most humble, sincere prayers throughout Scriptures and one I read regularly. I particularly like how he says, "Who am I, LORD, that you have brought me this far?" I try to pray this as often as I can. I believe if we look with humility and gratitude at all the LORD has done for us and all the ways He has blessed us it is impossible to not have this prayer as a response. I also like when he says, "Do you deal with everyone this way, O Sovereign LORD?" I can just sense David's emotion in this passage. He is overwhelmed by the moment. I just wonder if have these moments before the LORD like this as often as we should?

What about you? I would love to hear how this passage struck you.


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  2. Ch. 6 I read a commentary on the portion of Uzzah and the commentary said this was a reflection of "our actions and intentions"..the commentary said that this was a reminding point that our actions are not always in line with our intentions and stated that Uzzah could have been struck dead b/c his intention of stopping the ark from falling could have been selfish (such as praise for saving the ark)...interesting to think about when we see God using discipline in other's lives or our own...who are we to think that God doesn't know our intentions...
    Often times our actions to the outside world (David) seem right but only God can see our intentions....
    To God intentions speak louder that words or actions
    Ch. 7 Just a constant reminder that we are only at the place in life on our journey b/c of God's grace...not our is only b/c of God's blessing! Love the humility of David's prayer!!

  3. What a moment in time....Learning to move only when God says so

    Learn to worship before Him and not be concerned if it meets the approval of others. Unfettered Worship!!

    Be willing to acknowledge all that has been accomplished in one's life is simply a Gift from God.

    Josh.....wonderful comments !!

  4. 6:

    I know this might sound crazy, but I think there is something to be said about "sacred" items. I realize there is the new law, etc...and that all we need is God. However, as a person who is very visual, it was like I had a two-week spiritual security blanket wrapped around me while I was in Italy. The Catholic faith might not be for me, but I felt so much of God's presence around me, as I spent a lot of time in cathedrals with all of their holy "stuff." Everyone getting excited over the ark made me think of that. Perhaps because the ark was within reach it made them feel closer to God.

    -Side note: Am I the only one who thinks of Indiana Jones every time I read about the ark? LOL. Just checking.


    "Who am I?" I LOVE this! There's nothing more to say other than that!