Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 22: 2 Samuel 12-13

Welcome back everyone. Today's reading is from 2 Samuel 12-13

Chapter 12:
I think this chapter gives us instruction for how we can confront the ills and behaviors of our society today and at the same time instructs us on having people in our lives that can speak truth to us. Nathan's approach to getting David to see his sin was brilliant. He used another story to get David's emotions stirred. He apparently realized the nature of David's personality and his love for justice. When David hears the story he immediately makes the declaration that justice must be done to this man. Nathan then looks at him and says, "You are that man!" We can learn a lot from Nathan's tactics in trying to help a world wandering from God find him.

The second thing that stood out to me from this chapter is that David had Nathan there to speak into his life. Yes, Nathan was a prophet, and he probably feared having to share this news with David, nonetheless, he was there. How many of us put walls up around our lives that do not allow for people to speak truth into our lives? How many of us protect ourselves from people who may say things about our character, habits, or attitudes that we don't like to hear? This is a big take-away for all of us.

Chapter 13:
This story is a bit disturbing. Amnon is in love with his sister and rapes her when she rejects him. This is horrible for Tamar because in this culture, she is now defiled, and probably will never be married or have children. Take-away: We don't think about the consequences of our sins on other people's lives. Perhaps something we are doing or not doing is causing others to not live the life they were created for.

Your thoughts?


  1. Ch.12 Reminds me of this video:
    Not saying these people did anything wrong like David had done, but just the fact that God has a plan no matter how we look at it, and no matter how we plea...God is in control & we need to put all we are and all we have in His hands!!

    Ch. 13 I agree with Erik about this chapter being disturbing...I did find it interesting that all the great men in these 2 books...there sons...have seemed to be off their base and deranged in the things they are doing in site of who their fathers matter how you put it sin is not pretty and allowing one instance of it in our lives can lead to a tangled web of deception!

    How many times are we deranged..and lose site of who we are in site of who our Father is? How does this look to the onlooking world?

  2. Sexual sin is a huge deal in the Scriptures. It is the idea of taking that which is not yours to take.

    God's judgement is over-whelming. No matter how we may see such decisions by God... the fact remains that those the judgement fell on...repented and chose to move on...Could we take the punishment we deserve and move on?

    All through Scriptures we are reminded of purity, holiness, and sanctification. These are lifestyles that issue from the heart. And many warnings are given to us....and if they are given to us,,do we think that we can ignore them?

    One thing that these two chapters should remind us all of....they were human....they lived as humans,,,,,yet they were still God's we judged them,,,,will tell alot about our hearts. We may disdain the way they lived and abhor the decisions that they made, but the reality is that we too are human and are subject to horrible decisions. This is why our wonderful Father sent His Son. And gave us His Spirit to guide us.... Galatians 5:25 "If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit." In total context read Gal. 5:16-26.

    The Word of God does not hide sin nor the decisions that were made by our spiritual forefathers....! Hopefully, our next generation will look back and read of our faithfulness as well as some of our failures !!

  3. Sin brings death. There is no way around it. In David's case it was the death of a very loyal and faithful warrior, and that of an innocent baby. The only two parties in this story without blame. For Amnon, it was him. Sin requires a payment and I need to be reminded of that constantly. My sins aren't hidden and their impact reaches out in ways I may not even see. But thankfully, my payment has been paid. Thanks God that Christ stepped up when my number was called.

    One interesting part of Amnon's story that often gets overlooked, is that she tried to get him to go through the right channels to get what he wanted. She wasn't against sleeping with him, but she knew better than to do it incorrectly. she tries to get him to go to the King and I guess have them married. But he was consumed with having something that was not his, and he paid a steep price for that.

    Sins destruction is depressing. I will leave on a better note, God's grace and mercy are wonderful!

  4. I agree with Erik also on Ch.12. We can put up a wall by our reaction to what is being said to us. Davids reaction to Nathan was in great contrast to Saul's reaction to correction. David said "I have sinned" Saul made excuses. The Nathans in our lives are much more likely to speak those things that they need to speak if they know they are not going to get there heads bitten off. And though I think that Nathan would have had the courage to speak it regardless of the reaction he got it was good that Nathan was wise in how he presented it to David. In the same way I think that we should pray for the courage to speak what needs to be spoken regardless of what the reaction is while at the same time having the wisdom to do it in a way that as best as possible allows for the person being spoken to to receive what is spoken.