Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 20: 2 Samuel 8-9

Welcome back everyone. We are on the home stretch now. We are reading from 2 Samuel 8-9 today.

Chapter 8:
We often forget that David was a very successful and feared military leader. He has obviously come a long way from the days of tending the fields for his father while his brothers were at war. David's fame had spread across the ancient world for his military victories. Yet the Scriptures still tell us that he was fair to everyone. I don't think this is a small point to reflect on. In today's power hungry society, those in power rarely treat people with honor, dignity, and fairness. To some degree you almost expect a certain group to be treated unfairly - not in David's kingdom.

Chapter 9:
I think this chapter is a great follow-up example of David's kindness and fairness mentioned in the previous chapter. It also reminds us of David and Jonathon's powerful friendship they shared. I see this move by David to take in the son of Jonathon as a move to have Jonathon close to him again. It says that Mephibosheth lived with David and became like one of his sons. This is a dangerous move by David considering that this is Saul's grandson, heir to the throne, but he is not worried about those things. It just strikes me as an amazing example of the power of friendships, true friendship, and what they can mean in our lives and in the lives of leaders.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Take Away Ch.8 Simply put: "God gave him victory wherever he went" only we all followed God in such a way that we had victory wherever we went!

    Take Away Ch.9
    David's commitment to Jonathan's friendship carried on past death, he took care of his son...this is a great example of the way we should have friendships...and it is so sad we don't have more of this in the church...

    Example...Simi-Valley Cornerstone Church : Pastor Francis Chan: There was a meeting one morning..a men's prayer of the men had lost his job...well one of the men took him aside and said here is my bank account number...and pw for the atm...please please if you really need it...what is mine is yours...well it's said by the end of the prayer meeting 5 members of the congregation had joint bank accounts to help each other in times of need...
    Many would think this not a smart move...but it does have something to say about trust, friendship, and taking care of our dearly loved friends around us!

  2. 9: What I took from this is David put a serious smack down. There are details that might make sense to a more military-minded person, but the general picture showed me that when God is the General, no one else can be victorious.

    10: David initially asked for anyone from Saul's family, not Jonathan's. This is more impressive to me. Of course he'd want to give to his best friend's, his "brother's" family. But his initial intention was to reach out and provide for someone who was left of Saul.

    In spite of all that Saul did to him, he still had a heart to serve those who would have otherwise had a royal life. This cat's amazing. No wonder God favored him.

    I know we will come to learn of David's bad mistakes, as well. However, at this point in the story I could only hope to have as willing of a heart as David did. He was able to continuously give and give of his love because he ALWAYS went back to the Lord to get refills. Good stuff.

  3. One thing that seems to be consistent, was that of taken the land and positioning for security of the people of Israel. David was a wise leader and warrior. It showed in his treatment of enemies as well as former enemies.

    The best verse in Chapter 8 was 15. " So David reigned over all Israel; and David administered justice and righteousness for all his people."

    After a little research....Mephibosheth name means Son of shame or reproach. Like Mephibosheth many of us have a "shame" that prevents us from coming before the King. But the King is not looking at the reproach, he is looking at His family and He intends to feed us at His Table.

  4. How crappy would it have been to see Daivd's army approaching. You had to know defeat was on its way.

    Twice in Ch. 8 it says "The Lord made David victorious wherever he went." The tendency for most of us would at some point to think we had done the things ourselves. Up to this point, he never has. Still before every battle he asks God if he should enter into battle. You really get the idea that he was in near constant communication with God. And he always does what he is told. If God says attack, he moves even if the numbers are against him, but if God says stay put, then he does even when victory is within grasp.

    For me, it is so easy to begin moving at God's request and be part of great things. But at some point I begin thinking I had a larger role in those events than I really did and I start moving ahead by myself. This is a reminder that moving with God and only going as far as He has instructed or revealed is the only sure way to live life. And this is where you get to see amazing things happen.

  5. Great thoughts everyone.

    Josh, your example is a great story as to how true friendships should be giving to each other, no just taking

    Amber, your remark about David seeking after someone from Saul's family is a great insight. He wasn't just looking to bless his friend, but to honor the "LORD'S anointed" as we have seen him do the entire story

    James, I like your translation of that verse in Chapter 8 better than mine...administered justice...I like that

    Chad, you are absolutely right. We often make a couple of strides in step with God and it makes us believe we can just run at our own pace...then we turn around and realize God veered off into a different direction while we were running with our head buried going as fast as we could...walk with God, step-by-step, that is the key