Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 24: 2 Samuel 16-17

We are back everyone. Only a handful of reading days left. I hope everyone enjoyed your Memorial Day.

Today's reading is from 2 Samuel 16-17

Chapter 16:
The thing that stood out to me from this chapter, besides the messed up part at the end when David's son sleeps with all of his concubines in public, is when Shimei virtually heckles David as they travel. Shimei is a relative of Saul and passionately dislikes David. David chooses not to strike back at him, but takes it as a punishment from the LORD. I'm amazed at David's patience here. How many of us could truly stand by and endure insults being hurled at us? Most of these insults were undoubtedly unmerited and baseless; however, David does not strike back out of anger or rage. This makes me question how prepared I am for critics in my life. Am I ready to have critics hurl insults at me continuously? Am I prepared to simply keep going and not striking back in anger or disgust?

Chapter 17:
Oh boy...this chapter can be messy. God intervenes and thwarts the plans of Absalom by sending in a bad counselor. I'm struck by the fact that the LORD's anointing is still on David and yet David seems to have forgotten this. The LORD tricks Absalom into buying Hushai's plan instead of Ahithophel's plan, which was better. Ahithophel was so shamed by Absalom's decision that he went and hung himself --- that is taking your job seriously! There were two take-aways from this chapter for me: 1. be careful about what advice you take. 2. it is important to have good friends to have your back.


  1. Erik,
    Nothing to really say on this aside from what you said! Well put!

  2. Here I go again, but the thing that came to mind first is thank God I live in a country and a time where women are not typically forced to be pawns in men's ego-driven ploys against each other, often founded on simple miscommunication. I cannot be used as a weapon according to my society's cultural norms. I don't have to be publicly shamed and used so one man can be brutal to another.

    Sadly, this still happens in the world. In Africa some governments have given up on killing those who question them. Instead, they rape their wives, daughters and mothers--a much more destructive weapon. I feel sad for these concubines. First because that is all they are to David. Just women to make children with, no merit in his life aside from being an asset of his wealth; and second because they were publicly used only to fuel revenge. No say so. No pleasure. No commitment or meaning. Just used. Personal property. So sad.

  3. Even in the midst of the enemy's camp there will always be God's hand in some form. Some will see it, others will not. But His counsel thwarts all others.