Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 13: 1 Samuel 25-26

Welcome back. We pick up today in 1 Samuel 25-26 in our 28 Day reading challenge. I can't say enough times how much I have enjoyed reading your thoughts. Continue to share what's on your heart and mind because others will gain insight that they otherwise wouldn't have had.

Chapter 25:
I found the beginning of the chapter to be shocking. Out of nowhere Samuel dies. I don't recall hearing that his health was failing or anything of this nature, but just like that he's gone. Israel mourns for him and his funeral is undoubtedly a celebration of his service and leadership to the nation. I just thought to myself after reading the opening verse: I hope my life is lived as full as Samuel's was. The second thing from the chapter that stood out to me was the peacemaking nature of Abigail. When conflict and trouble were on the horizon she acted to dissolve the situation. We need more Abigail's in our lives, churches, and society.

Chapter 26:
I'm getting so ticked off at Saul. One minute he's trying to kill David and the next he is kissing David's butt, "Is that you, my son David?" I find myself wanting to see David just kill Saul and give him what he deserves, but David won't do it. David refuses to lay a finger on the LORD'S anointed one. What this raises in me is my own need to enact justice when it may not be my place or God's timing. If I were David, Saul would have been dead back at the cave. I need to be more reliant on God's timing than I am my own.

What stood out to you? What questions did this raise in your own life?


  1. Ch. 25:
    Take Away Great reminder that we should not take vengeance into our own hands and that the Lord looks out for us when we have been wronged.

    Ch. 26:
    Take Away Saul never gets it..back at David'd think he would have learned from the first time..How many times are we like Saul? We continually get shown God's grace, mercy & even wealth/provision but continue to want to take matters into our own hands.
    I feel that alot of the church today is more like Saul & less like David...oh to be like David...(well we can pass on the adultry and dancing naked...)

  2. The intriguing life that is lived by all in these two chapters!

    Samuel simply dies. David heads out to the wilderness. Nabal is simply dishonest in everything in life. Abigal's name has a strange meaning,"Father of exaltation", but ever true to her discernment of who David was in the sight of God.

    Saul is still Saul no change on his part at all. But for David's part there is consistency. He still is not willing to take things in his own hands in dealing with Saul.

    This story seems to show us what daily life was like for David and all those around him. Can we say that in our daily lives, regardless of what we are confronted with...we are consistent with who we are?

  3. A few questions after reading:
    1. How dumb is Nabal? David is well known for his military conquests. People that go against David wind up dead, and some neutered.

    2. What happened to Michal and how did she end up married to someone else?

    3. At what point if you're Saul do you leave well enough alone? He tries and tries and yet David makes him look foolish each and every time.

    4. What did Saul do to coerce those 3,000 men to go with him against David? Let's review David's recent events: kill giant with a little rock, kill Phillistines, kill the Philistines that got away, pay for a wife in foreskins, destroy any army that got in the way...etc. And now Saul is showing up with 3,000 "choice" men. I think he "chose" them because he had incriminating pictures or something.

    4. How incredible is it to have God's blessing on you and to live life following His lead?

  4. Poor David,fighting fools on every side.
    I have a question about the funeral service for Samuel. It said All the Israelites gathered together to mourn his passing and bury him in Ramah.So, does that mean David and Saul attended too?
    Have you ever had a family member die and when you go to the wake(yes I'm still Yankee sometimes)and funeral, you see a person who you may have had a falling out with and you kinda have to"talk". I wondered if this occassion was an opportunity to get them together,share in a common loss..
    Just wondered.
    One thing being on the run gave David was the opportunity to get to know the people in the neighboring areas. Apparently he and his men offered protection as a means to fund and feed their merry band. David was a good leader and very respected since I read no man stole or hurt the people and property they were protecting.
    How could any parent name their child a name meaning "fool"? To refuse David's request went against custom of hopitality and principle.They had a contract!
    vs.16,I believe the word wall refers to David and his men and the protection they offered.It is a picture of what God does for us as our Shepherd.Not that we pay for our salvation,but we are to offer a portion back to God. What we have is because he provides it for us,just as what Nabal had was because David protected it.
    That was my take tho some "preachers"think it means something about literally peeing upright on a wall.
    I notice God giving yet another little test to David and like Elder James said;David is consistant to choose rightly.Yes, he got hot about the insult,Nabal was "stealing food right out of his family and followers mouths",but when Abigal spoke with such humility and calm reason, he stopped.Why does God want him to really get this lesson on revenge down pat?
    Ch.26 Saul is like the man who is under conviction while sitting in the pew, but forgets about "it" after the service.
    "The fool has said in his heart, there is no God".Saul's middle name could have been Nabal.Back when he offered the burnt sacrifice,it was basically a public announcement that he felt God and His spiritual advisors were not neccessary to the nation;kinda like where we are as a nation today(especially today on this Day of Prayer.
    I like how David makes his point-again.Last time he took a piece of Saul's "prop" by cutting the hem of his robe.This time he took another prop by taking his spear which is returned to Saul, but he keeps the water.I also like how he draws attention to Saul's misplaced confidence in Abner to protect his life. I wonder why he passes on killing Abner,cause Abner should have been put to death for failing in his duty. I also wondered why didn't he break the spear in half before returning it? I don't think I could have resisted, but maybe that would have been a little too one-up-man if he had. Drinking Saul's water might have just been that David was thirsty.
    David is tested and passes yet again the lesson on revenge with an A+. Letting God work in His way and in His time.Of course David and his little army head back to the cold cave in the hills of some foreign country while Saul goes home;back to comfort and a place of privilage. Wonder what thoughts went through David's mind as he sits around the fire with his men that night? If it were me, I would be thinking enough already with these tests.I think I've mastered(ha ha)vengence now, let's move on so I can go home.
    1.Opportunity do do wrong is always present.
    2.Ungodly people use opportunities to perform ungodly acts-expect it.
    3.Everyday opportunities are presented and I need to look at each opportunity as a chance for me to do right.